CSW Contractors, Inc. saved more than $4,000 per vehicle in acquisition costs.


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Industry: General Contractor

Total vehicles: 64 vehicles

URL: http://www.cswcontractors.com/


With a restructure in ownership, CSW Contractors realized they needed to have better control of their vehicle costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately remove themselves from the day-today requirements of managing their fleet. This would allow them to instead focus on running and growing their business.


CSW partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to find an optimal Total Cost of Ownership for its vehicles. Initially, the older vehicles were replaced with new more efficient models and a proactive replacement plan was developed to offset rising costs. By negotiating directly through Enterprise with the manufacturer, CSW was able to secure greater incentives on vehicle acquisition. By establishing a standardized vehicle selector for each position within their company allowed CSW to right-type their fleet. Overall operation costs were reduced, repair processes were streamlined and greater tracking and efficiencies were realized by implementing Full Maintenance, Maintenance Management and Fuel programs.

CSW Contractors


Since partnering with Enterprise, CSW has saved more than $4,000 per vehicle thru vehicle acquisition and right-typed their fleet resulting in more than a $2,500 in annual fuel savings. Maintenance costs and driver downtime are reduced now that the vehicle life-cycle has been defined and is proactively managed. The streamlined order and up-fit process also reduced the burden on CSW’s administrative team so management can keep their focus on growing the business.

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