Wolters Kluwer saved more than $50k in first year after implementing a fleet management program.


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Industry: Health and Pharmaceuticals

Total vehicles: 30-50 Vehicles

URL: https://wolterskluwer.com/


Wolters Kluwer Health recognized the importance of offering a competitive benefits package to attract top sales talent, which includes a company vehicle program. At the same time, Wolters was focused on reducing expenses. Although the government sets standard flat reimbursement rates, Wolters’ reimbursement rate was not consistent between departments. They wanted a solution that provided fairness to employees, compliance with regulatory requirements, and cost savings for the company.


Wolters Kluwer hoped to gain a competitive advantage and “move into the 21st Century” by implementing a company-provided vehicle program. They sought to determine the financial implications of providing company vehicles while understanding the ability to provide national fleet infrastructure for a diverse sales team. At the same time they wanted to ensure that there would be no additional administrative burden or increase in driver involvement.

By partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, Wolters can focus on their business and recruiting top talent while Enterprise assumes all fleet management responsibilities.


Enterprise was able to provide Wolters with a comprehensive vehicle management program, with an estimated savings of $50,000 during the first year. Additional savings are found through maintenance, fuel management and risk management programs. All of these factors simplify cash flow and create a competitive advantage for the company.

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