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Save time managing fleets

Expertise for Faster Decisions

Expertise for faster decisions

Forget the time-consuming learning curve that comes with in-house fleet management. Enterprise Fleet Management saves you time and money by drawing on the experience, systems and infrastructure of Enterprise Holdings, which manages its own 2.1-million vehicle fleet. Our experienced account managers’ oversight and recommendations enable faster and more confident decisions. Transactions with dealers and shops are more efficient, plus you’ll spend less time dealing with the “unexpected.” 

Learn more about our dedicated local account managers.

Taking Care of Time-Consuming Tasks

Taking Care of time-consuming tasks

We do it all. Enterprise offers a complete, customized fleet management program, enabling your team to focus on the core of your business. Let us handle paperwork, licensing and registration, recall management, maintenance approvals, negotiations and more. We’ll even provide consolidated billing to save you time reviewing, approving and paying invoices.

Explore our approach to titles, licensing and registration.

Faster Buying and Selling

Faster buying and selling

We make right-sizing and comparison shopping faster. Your local representative will help you choose and acquire the ideal vehicle makes and models for your business. Then our team will handle the order, negotiation and delivery details. When it’s time to sell or replace vehicles, we’ll ensure a quick turnaround by handling transport, vehicle prep and sales negotiations.

Explore our process for acquiring and replacing vehicles.  

Maintenance Time Savings

Maintenance time savings

Reduce downtime with our streamlined maintenance process, utilizing our nationwide network of 55,325 service centers. Our accredited team of ASE-Certified technicians reviews all proposed work, pricing and warranty coverage, saving your team hours they would otherwise spend doing research.

Explore our maintenance management programs.

Fleet Management Software and Analytics

Fleet management software and analytics

Our management software and analytics and our Client Website speed up tracking and decision making, with detailed views of your fleet performance, including life-to-date expenses per vehicle, changes in expense trends, maintenance and service, and ongoing fuel costs.

Explore our vehicle planning technology.

Understanding Commercial Fleet Financing Options

Understanding Commercial Fleet Financing Options

Download the white paper.

Understanding fleet financing options can help your organization find efficiencies and save money. Optimize your fleet with cash flow opportunities while maximizing your total cost of ownership and vehicle resale values.

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