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Assess if available EVs fit your fleet’s needs.

Assess if available EVs fit your fleet’s needs.

Your approach to considering EVs and hybrids should be no different from conventional vehicles: match the right vehicle with the right task and user. This means evaluating existing vehicle driving patterns and distances, and other conditions like payload, towing requirements and the climate in which the vehicles operate It also includes evaluating charging infrastructure, if required, in your facility. You’ll also want to study local charging stations, and if residential charging is feasible for take-home vehicles.

Which fleets are a good fit for electrification today?

Based on current EV models available and technology, including range, charging infrastructure and capacity—and evolving government mandates—these fleets may be best positioned for electrification:

Public or Municipal Fleets (City, State, Federal)

Public Transit

Last-Mile Deliveries

Shuttle Busses

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