Miller Insulation Saves over $200,000 with Better Fleet Management


Location: Bismarck, ND

Industry: Construction Services

Total vehicles: 189 vehicles



Miller Insulation Co., Inc. has nine independent offices across the country, and as their fleet aged, they noted an increase in maintenance costs and downtime. It was also difficult for the company to manage a geographically dispersed fleet.

The Solution

A partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management gave Miller Insulation the tools and visibility to better manage their fleet. They established a proactive replacement plan utilizing Enterprise’s vehicle selection expertise to standardize their fleet and take advantage of substantial acquisition savings.


Miller Insulation now has a plan to update their entire fleet over a five-year period. By proactively planning for acquisitions and standardizing vehicle types, Enterprise was able to negotiate over $200,000 in savings on vehicle acquisitions. The average age of the Miller Insulation fleet has improved by three years, helping to improve safety and image while reducing maintenance and downtime. The company has enrolled in Enterprise Fleet Management’s maintenance and accident claims programs helping to track and manage the fleet needs. The maintenance program contributed an additional $12,000 in savings to the operational budget in the first year for the entire fleet.

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