Proactive Fleet Planning Saves Company Time While Improving Image


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Industry: Security Services

Total vehicles: 50 vehicles



For years, St. Moritz Building Services purchased aged vehicles with pre-existing maintenance issues. The company would spend thousands on costly maintenance repairs. This process led to an aging fleet, lengthy downtime and a poor company image.


Enterprise Fleet Management introduced the idea of proactive fleet planning to reduce high-dollar maintenance repairs, increase fuel economy and improve the company’s image. Enterprise compared multiple makes and models of vehicles side-by-side to determine the right vehicles at the right price. This process allowed St. Moritz to have a standardized fleet.


By partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, St. Moritz Building Services has standardized its fleet with the appropriate make and model. With the newer fleet, the company has lowered maintenance expenses significantly and improved resale. St. Moritzvalues Enterprise Fleet Management for acting as the experts and guiding them through managing their entire fleet. Employee morale has also improved with the company vehicles.

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