Volunteers of America Save Money and Administrative Time by Switching to Enterprise Fleet Management


Location: Denver, CO

Industry: Non-profit

Total vehicles: 20 vehicles

URL: https://www.voa.org/


Volunteers of America Colorado Branch (VOA) operates in the greater Denver Metro area, providing nutrition services to the elderly at congregate meal-sites and through Meals on Wheels. Before establishing a relationship with Enterprise, VOA did not have a dedicated fleet manager. A tthe time, vehicles were leased through a local dealer on closed-end lease parameters and employees of VOA were involved in the entire acquisition process. VOA did not have a maintenance program in place. Valuable staff time was spent "rescuing" vehicles with maintenance and operating issues. 


Enterprise Fleet Management put together a plan that would reduce overall fleet operating expenses, provide employees and volunteers with reliable vehicles and put together a comprehensive and cost-saving replacement plan. When the plan was rolled out, VOA was able to let outsource management of the fleet to Enterprise so that employees can focus on their work. Volunteers of America was able to leverage Enterprise's relationship with manufacturers and was able to take advantage of volume pricing. The VOA also began operating with a fixed, budgeted maintenance cost program. 


Since partnering with Enterprise, Volunteers of America in Denver saved over 15% per year by implementing a fleet replacement plan. They also experienced a decrease in vehicle downtime and maintenance issues by operating a newer fleet and using Enterprise's Maintenance Program. The VOA also moved to Fleet Management's open-ended lease plan which allows for greater flexibility. 

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