New Approach to Fleet management saves Company thousands on vehicle acquisition.


Location: Mechanicsville, VA

Industry: Construction

Total vehicles: 48 vehicles



E.J. Wade Construction was looking at alternatives for managing their approach to how they bought and sold company vehicles. The company had a buy-and-hold philosophy with trucks but began experiencing high maintenance and repair costs as the fleet aged.


The company partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management and leveraged Enterprise’s recommendations to help lower acquisition cost and replace vehicles at mileage intervals to maximize resale gains.


Over the course of the partnership, E.J. Wade has savedthousands on acquisition and been able to update its fleet with newer vehicles. This approach has reduced operating costs and downtime. Enterprise has helped E.J. Wade reduce acquisition cost by $5,000 per vehicle with volume purchasing and by comparing makes and models across all manufacturers to help keep costs low. Comparatively, the updated leasing structure has financially reduced payments by 20%. By replacing vehicles at the right time, based on industry data, E.J. Wade has been able to net $4,000 over black bookvalue per vehicle.

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