Livingston Parish School Board Maximizes Resale Equity, Invests in a Newer Fleet


Location: Livingston, LA

Fleet Size: 35 Vehicles

Industry: Government/School


Board approvals and budget restrictions forced the Livingston Parish School Board to keep its vehicles until they were in poor condition, then sell them at auction for an average of $2,000 — well below market values.


Enterprise Fleet Management kept the board’s approved budget and secured 14 vehicles in the first year by selling existing vehicles at a higher resale price and investing the resale gains into a new fleet of vans.


Partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management enabled the Livingston Parish School Board to maximize resale returns and reinvest in the right type of vehicle, contributing to a lower total cost of fleet ownership. Leveraging Enterprise’s powerful resale network, Livingston Parish School Board sold its older vehicles at an average of $25,800 — 1190% above their average auction value.

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