Non-profit organization decreases vehicle costs and increases safety standards


Location: Port Perry, ON

Industry: Non-Profit, Charity Organization

Total vehicles: 25 vehicles



Community Living Durham North (CLDN) faced challenges maintaining its aging fleet and having funds to replace vehicles in a cost-effective way. Each year, the organization incurred increasing maintenance and safety issues for drivers.

The Solution

By partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, CLDN reduced all vehicle expenses, including maintenance and vehicle downtime. By replacing its fleet with newer, safer vehicles, CLDN was able to order vehicles to specification and reduce acquisition costs, as well. 


Community Living Durham North has saved more than $107,000 in acquisition costs and reduced annual maintenance expenses by $25,000. By leveraging the Enterprise resale team, CLDN sold its older vehicles 8% above the average market value. Community Living Durham North spends less time managing its fleet and more time focusing on servicing the community.

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