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Fleet Management Reporting Platform and Mobile App


Our web-based state-of-the-art fleet technology makes vehicle acquisition decisions and fleet reporting simpler and clearer, putting a wealth of vehicle options and industry knowledge at your fingertips.

Expansive Vehicle Inventory

Your local, dedicated Client Strategy Manager will use the Fleet Planning Toolkit with detailed specifications, like Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), fuel efficiency, and future maintenance to help right-size vehicles to your business needs. With our Vehicle Selector tool, they’ll help you access our large vehicle inventory to view all makes and models in detail and identify the best fit for your business. Vehicle Selector makes it easy to understand all the options and alternatives so that you’re well-equipped to make smart, cost-effective fleet vehicle decisions for your fleet. 

Customizable Dashboards

Your Enterprise Fleet Management portal is 100% customized to your fleet. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Client Website pulls from a robust database of information, enabling you to check maintenance schedules and statuses, billing information, fuel data, driver information and more. Customize it any way you like to ensure you see the information you want as soon as you log in. 

Real-Time Data and Alerts

Our real-time logistical data pinpoints areas that can be improved upon, helping you optimize fleet productivity and efficiency. The system can even deliver alerts to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, so you and your drivers never miss a beat, even when you’re on the go.

Self Service

With Enterprise’s Client Website, you can easily self-manage and update your fleet information as needed. Update driver information and add vehicle descriptors, mileage information and more. You can also assign unlimited unique identifiers to each vehicle to simplify routine tasks and consolidate all vehicle documents and claims online.

Mobile App for Drivers

Keep drivers connected. Our eFleets Mobile App integrates with Enterprise’s existing platforms to ensure drivers have what they need whether they’re in the office or on the road. Once the driver downloads and logs into the app, key information and important notifications will be easily accessible 24/7. Your drivers are never more than a tap or two away from their maintenance card, insurance cards, roadside assistance, fuel and maintenance locators, and accident reporting tools.

Total Cost Analysis

Using cutting-edge technology and analytics, we pinpoint the best opportunities to optimize your fleet – with accurate, real-time [1] data. Enterprise’s technology will integrate all expenses for a total cost analysis. Your Client Strategy Manager will use this data to consider all of your monthly costs, replacement schedules, maintenance, taxes, fuel, and other financial factors, so you can have a clear picture of all potential expenses moving forward.

Why Local, Hands-On Account Management Makes Sense For Fleets Of All Sizes

Why Local, Hands-On Account Management Makes Sense For Fleets Of All Sizes

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Outsourced fleet management, coupled with local, hands-on account management, gives advantages beyond accountability and transparency, improving efficiencies over the life cycle of the vehicle.

More Fleet Management Solutions


Local Client Strategy Managers

We’ll provide a single, consistent point of contact who’s been tasked to learn everything about your business and your fleet to maximize efficiency and cost savings. They’ll remember your birthday, too.

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Proactive Fleet Management

We’ll continuously monitor your fleet performance to ensure you’re buying and selling vehicles at the right time, staying on top of maintenance, and taking advantage of cost saving opportunities.

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Negotiating Pricing

From buying and selling vehicles to navigating maintenance estimates, we combine our pricing expertise with extensive source data to ensure you always pay the fairest prices.

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Buying and Selling

No other company buys and sells more vehicles than Enterprise. We bring that expertise and automotive market influence to you, making sure you enjoy higher resale values and the right prices for the right vehicles.

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Transparent Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden fees or surprise upcharges. What you see is what you get. We do everything we can to ensure you have a clear view of your long-term fleet management spending.

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Fleet Planning Technology and Reporting

Our Fleet Planning Toolkit, Client Website, customizable dashboards, real-time alerts, eFleets Mobile App and self-service options make planning and operations simpler and clearer.

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State-of-the-art telematics software makes it easy to track fleet vehicles in real time. Capture GPS tracking data and keep tabs on everything from the current dispatch situation to long-term driving patterns.

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Maintenance Management

Don’t let surprise repairs and ongoing maintenance issues cut into your cash flow. Our fleet maintenance programs keep your company vehicles at their best, get them back on the road faster, and identify incredible cost saving opportunities.

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Vehicle Accident Management

Accidents happen. When they do, we work to get your drivers and your vehicles back on the road while minimizing hassles. We work with local repair and body shops nationwide to get fleet vehicles repaired quickly and safely.

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Fuel Management

Reduce fleet fuel expenditures with a fuel management program. Accepted at 90% of U.S. fuel locations, you’ll be able to set controls, manage fuel purchases, authorize spending and gain peace of mind that your drivers always have an accepted payment method

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Titles, Licensing, Registration

The bigger your fleet, the bigger the headache licensing and registration routines can be. We make it simple with an expert team available to handle the process from start to finish—for both current and new vehicles, in all 50 states

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