The City of San Marcos reduces costs by 27%


Location: San Marcos, California

Industry: Municipality

Total vehicles: 90 vehicles



Half of The City of San Marcos’ vehicles were operating past their useful life. The City’s fleet was deteriorating rapidly, and many of the vehicles needed to be replaced to mitigate escalating repair and maintenance costs. Budget challenges prevented the City from purchasing new vehicles. Major repairs reduced the number of available vehicles, and the City vehicle downtime was significantly affecting its operations. Maintenance costs continued to erode the budget and interfere with the efficiency of City operations.


Enterprise Fleet Management evaluated the City’s entire fleet to identify the most cost-effective way to replace its aging vehicles. Ten vehicles were identified as under-utilized and completely removed from service. By implementing an open-ended lease structure, the City was able to replace the remaining ninety vehicles within a three-year period. The program did not require a large initial outlay of funds. The City of San Marcos was not burdened with extensive capital requirements for vehicle replacement, allowing them to replace highly important, heavy-duty and emergency vehicles first. The Full Maintenance Program provides a low fixed monthly cost, which is easily budgeted for every year. The program eliminates the need for City resources to work on the light-duty fleet, so the maintenance staff can solely focus on the heavy-duty equipment.


The partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management has significantly reduced the portions of the Public Works-Fleet Operations budget and the Vehicle Replacement fund that was affected by the declining condition of the light-duty fleet. The City realized a 27% decrease in the cost to purchase and maintain the light duty fleet. The program will result in a combined fund savings of $1.1 million over a five-year period.

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