Transitioning to a Fleet Program Reduces Costs for Georgia Baptist Convention


Location: Dublin, OH

Industry: Mechanical Contractor

Total vehicles: 133 vehicles



Air Force One was experiencing rapid business growth and its company vehicles weren't keeping up with the new demand. Additionally, it was trying to figure out how to dispose of and replace the vehicles that needed major repairs.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management partnered with Air Force One and offered a solution that would help the company acquire newer, reliable vehicles with a minimal cash investment. The new plan improved the safety of the vehicles and supported the company's growth.


Air Force One started replacing their vehicles at the right time, instead of running them until mechanical failure. This approach helped the company budget with more predictable costs. With the help of Enterprise, Air Force One increased their fleet size from 60 vehicles to 150 vehicles in 2.5years. Drivers are operating newer, cleaner, standardized vehicles, which has improved the company’s overall brand image.

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