School District Replaces Aged Fleet, Improving Safety & Reducing Operating Costs.


Location: Ogden, UT

Industry: Government - School District

Total vehicles: 58 vehicles



The Ogden City School District (OCSD) had a fleet of vehicles with an average age of 23 years. Nearly all the vehicles lacked standard safety equipment and were experiencing high operating costs. The vehicles didn’t hold much value, which made it difficult to replace the fleet.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management helped the Ogden School District use special lines of credit and manufacturer incentives to update its fleet within a manageable budget. A professional fleet strategy allowed OCSD to build equity in the new vehicles by maximizing the resale values and selling the vehicles before they had too many miles and needed repairs.


After nearly three years of partnering with Enterprise, Ogden City School District was able to increase the equity in its fleet from $163,000 to more than $560,960. The district went from a 23-year-old fleet, to a 1-year old fleet. OCSD reduced its maintenance expenses from $101,000 to a fixed budget of $16,690, an 83.5% decrease. Operating newer vehicles with improved fuel economy has reduced fuel expense from $100,300 to $60,299, a 40% decrease. OCSD’s fleet is up to date with the latest standard safety technology.

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