La Quinta will replace all of its vehicles and reduce costs by 12%


Location: La Quinta, California

Industry: Municipality

Total vehicles: 39 vehicles



The City of La Quinta uses a pool of 39 vehicles for its departmental needs. Vehicle maintenance issues were starting to compound, along with repair costs. Replacing vehicles and keeping up with maintenance costs would not fit in the budget. As a result, the City did not replace any of its aging vehicles. With 30 vehicles over 10 years old, maintenance expenses and issues grew due to age and condition of the fleet.


Enterprise Fleet Management’s program gave the City of La Quinta the opportunity to replace older vehicles with little upfront capital. With Enterprise, the City right-sized its fleet and provided the appropriate vehicle for each department’s needs. Long term, the City implemented a three-year replacement plan to phase out older vehicles. To reduce and streamline the cost of maintenance, the fixed budget maintenance program has been on-boarded, which saved the City approximately 70% of its current maintenance expenses. The Fleet Management program helps the City reduce the Total Cost ofOwnership for its vehicles by taking advantage of savings that start from vehicle acquisition and to point of resale.


Once fully implemented, the ten-year plan is projected to save the City of La Quinta 12%. Enterprise provides the City with assistance in selling its older vehicles, and has exceeded estimated vehicle resale by $740 per vehicle than the original estimate.

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