New York County reduces fleet costs and stays on budget by partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management.


Location: Sullivan County, NY

Industry: Goverment

Total vehicles: 156 vehicles




Sullivan County was trying to maintain an aging fleet with a fixed budget and fewer resources. On average, their vehicles were 8 years old and had been driven over 96,000 miles. Increasing expenses, such as fuel and maintenance were creating inefficiencies that were starting to exceed their budget. Sullivan County was also ordering new vehicles as the old ones became inoperable, causing delayed and inconsistent vehicle purchases.



After partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, the county implemented a plan to replace vehicles on a five-year schedule to help improve and streamline the ordering process. Sullivan County also benefits from a fixed and budgeted maintenance program to reduce all maintenance and repair costs. Since partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, the county will be able to sell existing vehicles at a higher price through Enterprises' extensive number of resale outlets. In addition, the integration of more fuel efficient vehicles has reduced the county's carbon footprint.

Sullivan County shifted from reactively replacing inoperable vehicles to planning vehicle purchases, which allowed the county to replace more than 30 of its oldest vehicles within a year. By utilizing Enterprise's resale process, the county anticipates a $700,000 return over the course of the next 5 years.


Enterprise Fleet Management was able to provide Sullivan County with a comprehensive vehicle management program to help identify the most cost effective vehicles for the county's needs. The aged fleet was replaced with newer vehicles to increase fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance expenses. Maintenance and repairs will be outsourced to local businesses in the county to further stimulate economic growth. The program is estimated to improve cash flow by over $750,000 over the next 10 years.

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