New Fleet Mix Saves Wayne Perry Thousands on Fuel while Improving Environmental Impact


Location: Buena Park, CA

Industry: Fueling Technologies & Environmental Assessment

Total vehicles: 120 vehicles



With a fleet consisting of pickup trucks, cargo vans, and executive luxury vehicles, Wayne Perry faced high fuel and maintenance costs. The lack of a strategic replacement policy led to these vehicles only being replaced when they reached mechanical failure.

The Solution

Wayne Perry turned to Enterprise Fleet Management to offer a comprehensive solution that would drive down fuel costs and promote efficiency with the fleet. This included replacing all vehicles at the right time based on data and recommending a newer fuel-efficient fleet that could be factory ordered.


By shifting to a more economical fleet mix of 4-cylinder vehicles and incorporating hybrid cars, Wayne Perry realized an improved overall fuel economy between 2 to4 MPG that resulted in saving more than $5,000 in the first month alone. The new, clean vehicles improved the company image and increased employee retention and new recruitment through the delivery of a well-managed company car policy.

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