Fleet program saves $23K and counting for Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling


Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Industry: Utility Contractor & Manufacturer

Total vehicles: 25 vehicles

URL: www.kwrs.com


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling (KWRS) has been supplying the Oil & Gas, Construction and other industrial markets with lifting and rigging solutions for over 35 years. An aging and unreliable fleet was starting to become a concern for management, as it required significant time and resources to maintain efficiency. Therefore, the company decided it was time to analyze its fleet needs.


KWRS teamed with Enterprise Fleet Management to implement a customized maintenance program and a proactive replacement plan for its fleet of specially-equipped vehicles. The maintenance program allowed KWRS to improve expense tracking while reducing annual maintenance costs by $23,000. In addition, Enterprise Fleet Management helped KWRS realize significant savings on new vehicle purchases—working with the company to factory-order replacements to meet their exact vehicle needs.


After two years of partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management, KWRS has seen a $23,000 reduction in annual maintenance spending. New tracking tools help the company manage fuel and maintenance expenses more effectively. KWRS has also enjoyed substantial cost and time-savings by partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to order replacement vehicles. New vehicles are now replaced into the fleet every 3 to 4 years, with a turn-key program that allows KWRS to acquire up-fitted vehicles at a lower cost than previously obtained through their in-house efforts.

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