Route Messengers of PA has eliminated driver downtime and saved $20,000 in maintenance expenses after partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management.


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Courier Service

Total vehicles: 25 vehicles



Prior to partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, the courierservice provider, Route Messengers of PA, was experiencing significant employee downtime resulting from vehicle breakdowns and maintenance. Route Messengers of PA is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was critical for the success and reputation of the business to implement a strategic plan to minimize unsafe vehicles, downtime and move away from employees managing their own maintenance repairs.


Enterprise Fleet Management and Route Messengers of PA worked together to develop a proactive fleet plan that would reduce downtime and increase productivity. The company was able to order new, efficient vehicles, while reducing their overall fleet costs. Depreciation, maintenance and fuel expenses were immediately reduced when Route Messengers of PA replaced 32% of their fleet in the first year.


Benefitting from Enterprise’s industry relationships,Route Messengers of PA is now saving an average of $1,800 per vehicle acquisition by ordering direct from the manufacturer. Maintenance costs have been reduced by over $20,000 in one year. Route Messengers of PA utilizes the Full Maintenance Program on their new vehicles to budget and control costs. They are using Maintenance Management on their older vehicles to mitigate expensive repairs. The company relies on Enterprise’s in-house ASE Service Advisors to verify if repairs are needed for each vehicle. With the help of Enterprise Fleet Management, Route Messengers of PA can now concentrate on its core business rather than the concern of not being able to make deliveries on time.

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