HVAC Company realizes money and time savings by outsourcing vehicle management


Location: Marysville, CA

Industry: Commercial HVAC

Total vehicles: 92 vehicles

URL: https://www.frankbooth.com/


Frank M. Booth, Inc., believed owning its vehicles was more financially sound than leasing, but the commercial HVAC company was struggling to effectively manage its fleet. Day-to-day functions were spread across numerous people, and there were no formal systems in place to replace older vehicles, track fuel purchases or review maintenance costs.

The Solution

Exploring the benefits of open-ended leasing, Frank Booth outsourced its fleet program to Enterprise Fleet Management. Enterprise implemented a maintenance and fuel card program and a vehicle replacement plan to reduce overall operating expenses and alleviate the burden of responsibilities on internal personnel.


After outsourcing the management of its fleet and moving to equity leasing, Frank Booth realized reduced maintenance expenses and acquisition costs, a streamlined repair approval process and improved cash flow. Preventative maintenance and proactive factory ordering allowed for a newer, standardized fleet. Day-to-day decisions centralized and efficiencies improved as a result.

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