Tech Systems Reduces Administrative Time and Resources Managing Vehicles


Location: Buford, GA

Industry: Data & Security

Total vehicles: 195 vehicles



Tech Systems was managing its fleet of over 150 vehicles but needed to keep costs low and preserve capital. As the vehicles got older, repair needs and downtime rapidly increased.

The Solution

Partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management helped Tech Systems incorporate a plan to replace vehicles at the right time, and used Enterprise’s maintenance and fuel programs to manage costs.


Tech Systems has experienced both time and cost savings for its fleet. The Full Maintenance program has saved the company more than $235,950 over 5 years. Tech Systems also uses the Fuel Management program, which has reduced fuel expenses by $514,800 over the same 5-year period. With Enterprise’s support in managing the fleet has helped reduce the day-to-day burden of managing the details. By updating the fleet to newer vehicles, the company experienced an improvement in fuel efficiency.

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