School District’s Fleet Program Savings allows Reinvestment in Student Programs


Location: Melissa, TX

Industry: Government - School District

Total vehicles: 20 vehicles



Melissa Independent School District (ISD) had 20-year-old vehicles that were unreliable and expensive to maintain. The district was rapidly growing, so capital budgets were tight and purchasing new vehicles did not make the cut. Ultimately, the district realized that they needed to find an alternative for the safety of its employees and students.


Enterprise Fleet Management helped Melissa ISD select vehicles best suited for their district, and created a uniform fleet with new, white vehicles. The district has decided not to hold onto vehicles for ten or more years and instead, proactively replaces vehicles every 3-4 years. This change allows the district to build a sustainable vehicle strategy allowing for growth and fixed budgeting for all their fleet needs. Updated vehicles with the latest safety standards help the district offer the safest transportation possible for its employees and students.

Additionally, with the vehicle maintenance program the district can accrue for maintenance expenditures, eliminating the maintenance spend fluctuations previously felt by the aged fleet. The program helps drivers significantly reduce unexpected downtime and allowed the district employees to better focus on their students.


Enterprise Fleet Management helped the district make improvements to the uniformity and efficiency of their program. By implementing a sustainable replacement plan, the Melissa Independent School District’s vehicles are now safer and more reliable than ever before. Since the partnership began over two years ago, the district has realized over $200,000 in savings for their total budget by selling the older vehicles. The Melissa ISD’s newer vehicle fleet has helped reduce maintenance spend by 17%, annually. The ability to proactively plan for both replacement and growth needs allows the district to capitalize on resale values of the current fleet, while meeting budgetary requirements as the district continues to grow and pursue new initiatives.

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