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How do EVs fit into your future fleet strategy?

Let us guide you on your electrification journey.

We believe EVs play an important role in the future of mobility. And with Enterprise Fleet Management by your side as technology continues to evolve, you’ll be in an even stronger position to build a better fleet.


of current vehicles may be economically replaced by EVs in 2022

By 2025**

the cost of EVs may match fossil fuel powered vehicles

Up to 45%*

of fleet vehicles may be suitable for electrification by 2025

8 million***

light commercial battery electric vehicles could be deployed by 2030

First, let’s look at the current fleet EV market.

Auto manufacturers are investing in EVs for the consumer market—with battery-powered vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids increasing in sales. Every day, the list of EV vehicle types continues to grow for consumers.

As major OEMs continue to roll out vehicles with longer range and higher performance, electrification will become a more practical solution for a broader range of fleet applications. These fleet-friendly electric pickup trucks, transit vehicles and others will give forward-thinking fleet managers new options as they craft their strategic plans.

While you may not be ready to begin electrification today, this is the perfect time to ensure you are optimizing the composition and performance of your fleet. Staying ahead of vehicle technologies–including EVs–and measuring their potential benefits to your organization is a critical component of any sound fleet strategy.

Of course, a big part of moving forward is knowing if there are electric vehicles–or other alternative fuel vehicles–that fit your fleet’s needs. The U.S. Department of Energy’s vehicle search tool is a good place to start. Start your search now.

Grow your business.

As both private sector and government RFPs put greater emphasis on EVs, a defined electrification strategy will give you a competitive edge.

Keep an eye on costs.

The total-cost-of-ownership data for EVs is slowly equalizing compared to conventional vehicles, with near-parity expected by 2025**.

Enhance your brand.

EVs may reflect positively on your brand, showing environmental responsibility and future focus. When you include EVs in your fleet strategy, you position your organization as forward-thinking, and provide a visible and tangible demonstration of your commitment to sustainability.

Receive additional benefits.

Some municipalities are offering perks to EV drivers, including high-occupancy vehicle lanes, priority parking and loading zones and more.

Consider the costs.

Find out how today’s newest EV technology is stacking up against other vehicles. Use the U.S. Department of Energy’s cost calculator to compare. Click here to compare vehicle costs.

Industry Insights: Reassessing Fleet Electrification After a Disruptive Year

Beyond the hype and headlines, where does the market stand in reality? Here’s a snapshot of developments moving the needle to greater EV penetration in fleets — or holding it back.

Resources For Your Electrification Journey.

We believe EVs play an important role in the future of mobility. And with Enterprise Fleet Management by your side as technology continues to evolve, you’ll be in an even stronger position to build a better fleet. View our EV Hub for more information

How to determine if EVs fit with your fleet strategy.

Our EV strategy is focused on bringing forward solutions that put your business needs first, and also partnering and investing purposefully to grow for the long-term.

At the same time, we’re working closely with corporations and municipalities across the U.S. to study how EVs could impact their fleets. Let’s connect.

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