Swisslog saves money by acquiring newer, more efficient vehicles.


Location: Denver, CO

Industry: Healthcare Solutions

Total vehicles: 122 vehicles



Prior to partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, Swisslog’s vehicles were inefficient due to high maintenance costs and poor fuel economy. The company was acquiring vehicles with unnecessary features and upgrades, adding additional costs to each vehicle’s purchase price.


Enterprise Fleet Management conducted an analysis of Swisslog’s fleet and discovered that by changing the make and model of the majority of the fleet, the company would immediately lower fuel expenses and reduce its high brake replacement expenditures. Additionally, Enterprise could negotiate purchase incentives to save the company thousands of dollars per vehicle.


Since partnering with Enterprise, Swisslog has significantly decreased maintenance costs. The company’s brake expenditures have been reduced by 60%. By ordering new vehicles that better suited employee’s needs, Swisslog has reported 9% savings in fuel economy and maximized the fleet’s resale value. Additionally, by ordering vehicles with the recommended purchase incentives, Swisslog has saved $1,500 – $2,400 per vehicle.

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