Electrical Contractor Reduces Annual Maintenance Costs with Fleet Program


Location: London, ON

Industry: Electrical Contractor

Total vehicles: 24 vehicles

URL: gandselectric.com


G & S Electric's business objective is to provide quality service to its customers, so when managing their fleet of vehicles began to take more time and resources, the company needed a change. Maintenance and repair costs were on the rise each year as the fleet aged. 

The Solution

Partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management helped G & S Electric implement a fleet program to help reduce expenses, replace old vehicles with newer vehicles and benefit from the latest safety features. New vehicles have improved G & S's image with fleet branding. 



Since partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, G & S has saved more than $207,000 in acquisition costs by ordering vehicles early through the manufacturers. The company uses Enterprise's Maintenance Management Program, which has reduced the annual maintenance spend by $20,000. Driver downtime has decreased, and the G & S team is able to spend more time focusing on its customers. 

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