City's Managed Vehicle Program Saves $100K Annually


Location: Westminster, CA

Industry: City/Municipal Government

Total vehicles: 200 vehicles



The City of Westminster purchased vehicles using cash, staggering replacements to keep expenditures low but the strategy resulted in an aging fleet and increasing maintenance expenses. 

The Solution

To reduce costs and improve efficiencies, the City looked to Enterprise Fleet Management to provide an open-ended, equity lease program, utilizing Enterprise's higher buying power with vehicle manufacturers.


The City was able to pay for only 40% of the value of the fleet vehicles over the three-year lease term and reduce the impact to capital needs, without mileage restrictions or abnormal wear and tear. In addition to not only having a more fuel-efficient fleet, but the solution provided by Enterprise Fleet Management also reduced maintenance expenses since vehicles remained under the warranty terms through the lease period. The City also tapped into Enterprise's resale expertise, having them sell all current vehicles and apply the value to lower the monthly lease payment. 

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