New Fleet Mix Saves Wayne Perry Thousands on Fuel while Improving Environmental Impact


Location: Hanford, CA

Industry: Special District Government

Total vehicles: 26 vehicles



Kings Mosquito Abatement District (the District) had older vehicles that routinely needed unplanned repairs causing disruptions to their peak season. The fleet was increasingly unreliable with unpredictable costs, increasing as much as 30% annually.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management helped the District with a fleet program aimed to improve the reliability of their vehicles, by reducing the hold time from 10 years to 3. A fleet analysis showed the best type of vehicle to acquire that would fit the employee's needs while improving safety


After working with Enterprise, Kings Mosquito AbatementDistrict realized 11% resale gains, by following Enterprise’sadvice to reduce the hold period from 10 years to three years on average. This approach has helped the District to reduce maintenance issues and improve fuel economy with newer vehicles. By replacing all 24 vehicles the District is saving over $37,000 annually in lease expenses. Since partnering, maintenance costs have dropped by 56%. The vehicle replacement strategy was solidified using their vehicle type, annual mileage, and market conditions to minimize downtime and reduce the total cost of owning their fleet.

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