Lancaster Burns Construction saves time and acquiring vehicles with fleet program


Location: Roseville, CA

Industry: Multi-Trade Contractor

Total vehicles: 59 vehicles



Lancaster Burns (LB) Construction was looking for an outsourced solution to manage their fleet so they could focus on serving their clients. LB Construction felt heartburn buying and selling vehicles, which took valuable time away from the leadership team.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management provided a full-service solution allowing LB Construction to take a step back from managing the day-to-day needs of their fleet. The program allowed LB to focus on the continued success of their business and leverage Enterprise expertise and support.


As a result of the partnership, Enterprise has saved LB Construction an average of $5,700 on the acquisition of each new vehicle and has been able to leverage the multi-channel approach when selling vehicles getting an average of $3,283 above market value. With Enterprise’s expertise in acquiring and selling vehicles, LB Construction has been able to create a uniform fleet, reduce fleet maintenance issues, and replace their vehicles at the right time to reduce the total cost of ownership.

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