In One Year, City Replaced 20 Vehicles without increasing the Transportation Budget


Location: Melissa, TX

Industry: City/Municipal Government

Total vehicles: 28 vehicles



With budget constraints and the fleet concerns taking a backseat to other priority items, The City of Melissa was operating an older fleet. This resulted in unpredictable fluctuations in the capital budget due to inoperable vehicles and unexpected maintenance costs. 

The Solution

The City of Melissa has been approved to replace 28 vehicles over a 5-year period with an Enterprise Fleet Management equity lease program. 


With a sustainable, fixed transportation budget, the City can replace vehicles in a timely manner and control maintenance costs without exceeding its annual expenditures. Enterprise Fleet Management's program has lowered the City's overall fleet costs and maximized gains with the resale of its vehicles. Employees drive newer, safer vehicles with better efficiency, and while on the road, present a better image for the City.

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