Lancaster Group

With programs from Enterprise Fleet Management, the Lancaster Group has been able to minimize its fleet costs, administrative resources and vehicle downtime.


Location: Ontario, Canada
Industry: HVAC, Sheet Metal & Fabrication
Total vehicles: 37 vehicles

The Problem

When the Lancaster Group first met with Enterprise Fleet Management, a fleet analysis revealed a few key areas that were negatively impacting the business. The company was reactively replacing vehicles based on maintenance issues, which was costing them both financially and administratively. The Lancaster Group was seeking a solution that would provide better reporting and controls, while simultaneously reducing overall operating expenses.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management helped the Lancaster Group analyze their entire fleet to decide which vehicle types best fit their organizational needs. A custom fleet strategy was implemented to help the Lancaster Group focus on planning ahead, by providing reporting processes and reducing its overall operating expenses.  The company initiated its new fleet plan gradually with a few vehicle replacements. The plan included the GeoTab Telematics programto increase efficiencies and safety. The Full Maintenance and Maintenance Management programs saved administrative resourcesby eliminating ongoing maintenance negotiations and preventing unnecessary repairs.

The Results

Today, the Lancaster Group is operating a new fleet of vehicles,the company has complete insight into the overall costs associated to its fleet, and it has financially benefited from a proactive vehicle replacement approach. The company’s image has improved, and drivers are not experiencing as much vehicle downtime. Overall, the Lancaster Group’s vehicle expenses have reduced on average, cost per kilometer, from $0.40/kms to $0.29/kms, providing the companya 24% savings.

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