Minto Communities Improves its Fleet and Benefits from $200K in Vehicle Incentives with Fleet Program.


Location: Ottawa & Toronto, Canada

Industry: Construction, Real Estate Development

Total vehicles: 50 vehicles



As Minto’s fleet and business continued to grow, many of the functions of
managing the fleet became increasingly cumbersome on management
personnel. Operating expenses were increasing, and the fleet was showing significant signs of age.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management proposed a solution that would consolidate
vehicle purchases, fleet maintenance, the coordination of vehicle up-fitting, vehicle resale, and license and titling. Through Enterprise Fleet Management, Minto was able to recognize over $200k in manufacturer discounts and approximately 15% per vehicle in maintenance savings.

The average age of the fleet has improved by 8 model years, the average
odometer reading has decreased by 50%, and a telematics system was implemented to improve overall visibility, driver safety, and track pertinent vehicle key performance indicators.


For Minto Communities Management, the largest benefit of working with Enterprise Fleet Management has been the ability to strategically forecast vehicle replacement needs based on proactive and objective recommendations. Minto has also been able to streamline operations by leveraging the relationship with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to keep its drivers on the road and working while vehicles are in the shop. Considering the tremendous growth that Minto has experienced, there is peace of mind knowing that maintenance costs are being proactively managed and tracked by Enterprise’s certified technicians. 

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