Kern County


Location: Bakersfield, California
Industry: Local Government, County Government
Total vehicles: 350 vehicles

The Problem

The General services division of Kern County uses vehicles for General and Behavior Health and Recovery Services which includes a variety of passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and cargo vans. The fleet began incurring high maintenance and repair costs for aged vehicles, and the county had reduced capital due to budget cuts for 8 years that had a hard time keeping their fleet operational. 

The Solution

Kern County officials recognized that they did not have the on-hand capital to purchase new vehicles, so they began looking at leasing options. The equity lease offered by Enterprise Fleet Management shined a light on the concept of Total Cost of Ownership for Kern County. The County saw the value in purchasing vehicles with the resale value in mind. Kern County identified 111 vehicles out of their fleet that should be cycled. Kern County was able to take advantage of volume purchasing discounts and a low lease rate. Enterprise also offers a vast network of repair shops ensuring maintence is done promptly. 

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The Results

Today, Kern County has been able to cycle 111 new vehicles into its fleet. The program is expected to save $2 million through their program with Enterprise Fleet Management, compared to the County-run model, used previously. Now that vehicles are purchased centrally through the County's Fleet Service, departments no longer need to contribute to a vehicle and maintenance fund. Through the leasing plan, the county saves 85% per month utilizing Enterprise's maintenance plan. The savings brought to the County by Enterprise Fleet Management's program earned them recognition from the California State Association of Counties resulting in a Challenge Award. 

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