Auto Parts Company Sees 10% Annual Operation Cost Reduction with Fleet Management Program.


Location: Charlotte, NC

Fleet Size: 29 Vehicles

Industry: Auto Parts


CT Partners II, Inc had a limited fleet management operation model and was running vehicles well past their useful life. The company was challenged with rising operational costs and vehicle downtime which affected their day-to-day business.


After reviewing a proposed managed vehicle program with Enterprise Fleet Management, CT Partners moved to a 3-year vehicle replacement plan with maintenance to help reduce vehicle and employee downtime.


In 2021, as costs rose with the economy, Enterprise Fleet Management was able to reduce the company’s annual fleet spend by $35,000. With the entire fleet now benefitting from the Enterprise maintenance program, the company and drivers are proactively tracking oil changes and routine maintenance. The impact has reduced idle hours and issues. Drivers are operating newer vehicles with the new replacement plan.

We also were able to capitalize on resale dollars and roll that money into new leases decreasing their capital budget year over year. By cycling their vehicles at the right term, we were able to roll the equity of their current vehicles and even short lifecycle resulting in a 16% decrease in annual lease spend.

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