NRJM Transportation LLC On Track to Save $840,000 in 5-Years by Switching from Reimbursement


Location: Romeoville, IL

Industry: Restaurant

Total vehicles: 60 vehicles



Domino’s Pizza Franchisee partner, NRJM Transportation reimbursed employee drivers to deliver pizzas with their personal vehicles. The company has experienced ongoing challenges with hiring and recruiting employees but also recognized pizza delivery work would pass on high costs to employees when they used their personal vehicles to make deliveries.


Enterprise Fleet Management provided a customized fleet solution where NRJM could own its own fleet with Enterprise providing industry-leading vehicle management capabilities, including daily maintenance and routine service, for a fixed cost. Acquiring vehicles through Enterprise enables NRJM to have them branded and ready to hit the road. Outsourcing fuel, maintenance, and telematics programs to Enterprise has enabled them to remain focused on their core business.


After the first year of the partnership, NRJM has 60 vehicles in operation and is able to seek maintenance and service in the local communities. Since the start of the fleet program, the company has experienced positive traction in 4 key areas with higher accuracy of on-time deliveries, increased customer satisfaction scores, improved staffing levels and employee satisfaction. NRJM is on pace to save over $840,000 versus their reimbursement rate within a 5-year period. The company has plans with Enterprise to continue to refresh the fleet on a regular schedule with new, branded vehicles as a seamless aspect of the business model.

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