Quileute Tribe sees 10% reduction in fleet costs with 3-year cycle plan


Location: La Push, WA

Industry: Government, Tribal Council

Total vehicles: 23 vehicles

URL: https://quileutenation.org/tribal-council/


The Quileute Tribal Council had originally partnered with a competing Fleet Management Company to support their vehicle needs. As the program progressed, the leaders of the Council experienced a lack of dependability due to high turnover of fleet representatives, which resulted in poor assistance with vehicle maintenance and critical repairs. Other challenges included timely installation of after-market equipment on enforcement vehicles, and tracking of operational expenses as their fleet aged.


After meeting with Enterprise Fleet Management, the Quileute Tribal Council decided to end their partnership with the previous FMC, and switch to Enterprise in 2007. The program Enterprise outlined focused on tactics to decrease downtime and operational expenses with the help of a local, reliable account team. The local client strategy manager provided vehicles that were delivered with the right specifications, on-time. By moving away from the competitor’s program, the Quileute Tribal Council moved away from cycling vehicles every 7 years or 70,000 miles, to a 3-year replacement plan. With the shorter cycle, the tribe has reduced operational costs, minimized lease payments, lessened downtime, and decreased administrative responsibilities.

The 3-year replacement plan allows the Tribe to resell their vehicles with a stronger market value, up to 25% over the industry benchmark!


Over the past 11 years, Enterprise Fleet Management helped the Quileute Tribe reduce its overall fleet spend by nearly 10%. They have a great relationship with open lines of communication to their local fleet management team. With executing a 3-year fleet replacement plan, the downtime has drastically decreased, providing drivers with newer, more reliable vehicles to keep up with the day to day demands of the job.

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