Transcend Security Solutions Sees Fleet Savings with Right-Sizing and Updating Vehicles


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Industry: Security Services

Total vehicles: 30 vehicles



Transcend Security Solutions was challenged with their fleet expenses increasing each year. They typically purchased used vehicles and financed them with higher interest rates. Because they purchased older vehicles, they tended to have more maintenance and fuel related costs. When Transcend Security sold the vehicles, they had a lower resale value. Transcend Security wanted a fleet management solution to help them find the right vehicles for their services with a favorable finance structure, while keeping operating costs low.

The Solution

By partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, Transcend Security used Enterprise’s technology to compare multiple vehicle makes and models side-by-side to determine the right vehicles at the right price. By ordering from the factory, Transcend Security standardized their fleet and at a lower cost with volume ordering. Enterprise Fleet Management worked with Transcend Security to structure equity leases to match their mileage and usage patterns.

By replacing vehicles at the right time, Transcend Security has lowered operating costs and obtained the lowest total cost of ownership, gaining much higher resale values at the end of the vehicle term.



Transcend Security was able to replace their entire fleet with new vehicles within two years of the partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management. The newer vehicles transformed the fleet by using more efficient, reliable, lower cost vehicles. By staying pro-active and replacing vehicles at the right time, they have saved more than $2,700 per vehicle. Transcend Security has been able to save over $10,500/year in maintenance-related expenses by taking advantage of Enterprise Fleet Management’s maintenance program and replacing the vehicles to maintain newer, more reliable fleet.

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