County upgrades vehicles in 2 years and reduces fleet expenses


Location: Floyd, VA

Industry: County Government

Total vehicles: 14 vehicles



With aging vehicles and a tight budget, the County of Floyd faced challenges managing and maintaining its fleet. The County was seeking advice on how to source sedans at the lowest cost since many manufacturers were shifting their production to SUVs and Trucks.

The Solution

The County partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management for the consultative approach to help reduce operating expenses and acquire newer vehicles. Enterprise helped the County build a plan to replace its older vehicles and maximize resale values by managing the entire resale process of selling its owned (non-leased) vehicles.


The County of Floyd has replaced 14 vehicles in 2.5 years and managed to stay under budget by partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management. County officers are operating newer, safer, and more reliable vehicles with minimal downtime. The County has determined an appropriate replacement time for its vehicles to maximize resale values. With the partnership, the county opted to use Enterprise’s technology to manage the maintenance and mileage of its owned vehicles through the client-owned vehicles program.

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