City Government Outsources Management of Fleet and Captures over $385,000 in Equity


Location: Zachary, LA

Industry: City/Municipal Government

Total vehicles: 58 vehicles



With limited cash flow and budget, the City of Zachary operated a fleet of aging vehicles that averaged 13 years in age. With the older fleet, the city faced challenges managing the increasing maintenance costs and balancing the high cost of vehicle replacement.

The Solution

The City of Zachary partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to implement a sustainable vehicle replacement strategy which helped the City improve cash flow. Enterprise also helped the city save administration time by installing the full maintenance and fuel management program.


The City of Zachary has been able to improve cash flow by operating a newer fleet. Within the first three years, The City was able to refresh its fleet of more than 50 vehicles. As a result of the partnership and vehicle replacement plan, TheCity experienced reduced operating costs and administrative time spent managing the fleet. By privatizing the resale and management of vehicles through Enterprise, in conjunction with their proactive advisement, the City has seen a substantial return on investment through increased proceeds. City employees are now operating new, safe, and reliable vehicles to fulfill their work.

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