City lowers fleet maintenance costs by $127K with Fleet Program


Location: Fredericksburg, TX

Industry: Government - Municipality/City

Total vehicles: 75 vehicles



Each year, the City of Fredericksburg was faced with high vehicle repair and maintenance costs for an aging fleet. The City’s 75 vehicles had an average age of 12 years resulting in unexpected maintenance issues each year. The City was spending $153,300 per year on fleet maintenance, averaging over $2,000 per truck. Searching for solutions within their budget, the city needed to make managing their vehicles easier, from purchasing to maintenance and driver fueling options.

The Solution

Enterprise Fleet Management presented a proactive fleet replacement plan to the City of Fredericksburg that would reduce the average age of their fleet by 60% helping to reduce operational and maintenance expenses. With integrating newer vehicles into the City’s fleet, employees would drive safer, more reliable vehicles with minimal maintenance needs. Long-term, this plan has helped save an average of$29,284 per year in fleet-related expenses.

Enterprise Fleet Management also recommended replacing all vehicles owned by the city within a 5-year time frame. This approach will help The City lower maintenance expenses from $153,300 per year to $26,016 per year.

CS_24-City of Fredericksburg TX


Since their partnership began 4 years ago, Enterprise Fleet Managementhas helped The City of Fredericksburg transition their fleet vehicles from an average age of 12 years to 4. The City has experienced a significant reduction in costs associated with their fleet program and a decrease in employee downtime. This is due to The City putting their trust in the local enterprise Fleet Management team’s expertise and the fleet planning analytics backing each recommendation. The partnership has given theCity visibility into all vehicle costs and budget accordingly.

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