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In using the products and services provided by Enterprise Fleet Management, you'll benefit from a total transportation solution, perfectly optimized to meet the needs of your business. Learn about our complete spectrum of programs and offerings and how to use them here.

Our Services Videos

Discover the tools and expertise we offer through these informative fleet management videos.


Fuel is one of the most important and costly aspects of keeping your fleet on the road. Learn how to effectively use the Enterprise Fuel Program to track and control all fuel costs.


Last year alone, Enterprise Fleet Management saved its customers $40.8 million in maintenance costs. By using the Maintenance Program, you can ensure that your drivers will receive quality and timely service by leveraging our services and partnerships.

  Mobile App

eFleets Mobile integrates with EFM's existing platforms to ensure drivers have what they need whether they're in the office or on the road. Once the driver downloads and signs into the app, key information and important notifications will be easily accessible 24/7.

  Accident Vehicle Repair

Learn how Enterprise makes the vehicle repair process hassle-free by handling the entire claims process for you with little driver involvement.


Our team of experts is dedicated to looking for ways to save your business money. Your local account team is always accessible to help you make the right vehicle choices, determine the right time to replace aged vehicles, and help you monitor your likely future costs and fleet’s activity to ensure you hit your budget. They use their expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly, leaving you the freedom to focus on running your business.


Enterprise Fleet Management has developed proprietary tools to analyze total cost of ownership and deduce it down to an understandable format, considering direct and indirect costs.


Each year, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your fleet usage and needs. You’ll gain insight into industry benchmarks and recommendations that reveal the right solutions that meet the unique demands of your business.


Take advantage of a customizable dashboard that provides real-time reporting so you can quickly spot areas of improvement in easy-to-digest reports.


Get access to all manufacturers and all makes and models based on your unique cost analysis.


Keep track of your fleet management services on the go, including mileage reports, roadside assistance and various locators, making your driver’s job easier.


Hear from some of our customers about how a total transportation solution has changed their businesses and their lives. And, discover the tools and expertise we’ve got to offer with instructional video demonstrations.


We’re changing our customers’ lives and businesses by saving them money, time and resources. Read the stories here.