Truck Tracking for Businesses and Fleets

Every fleet is unique – from industry to size of fleet, to types of vehicles, to driver needs and specific applications. Managing fleet and asset information is critical to evaluating your fleet’s performance and identifying opportunities for improvement and efficiency. Incorporating truck tracking into your approach to fleet management can help you monitor your fleet performance to help ensure you’re making the best decisions based on data for the future of your fleet. 

What is Truck Tracking? 

GPS truck tracking is a fleet tracking system that allows you to monitor vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior and engine alerts related to vehicle maintenance needs. An integral part of maintaining your fleet, truck tracking can help you measure vehicle performance, driver safety and fleet productivity with advanced fleet telematics

Vehicle tracking systems that are GPS-based rely on telematics devices to complete a range of data collecting functions that share vehicle location and activity in real-time. All the data collected from the vehicle is displayed and visualized on a web-based software platform allowing fleet managers and business owners to customize reports. Each report shows metrics that matter to your business, helping you to make informed decisions about your fleet in real-time. 

Benefits of Truck Tracking

It can be a challenge to ensure that every truck in your fleet is serviced on time, your drivers' behavior behind the wheel matches your expectations, or know where vehicles are and if they require emergency maintenance or assistance. Commercial truck tracking provides critical data for you to gain insight into the current efficiency of your fleet and use real-time information to optimize your fleet's performance. The impact of data-led optimization can help to improve driver safety, reduce fuel costs, simplify maintenance planning, streamline vehicle routing and enable fleet operations to be more flexible in meeting customer needs. 

With just a small, plug-and-play, cellular telematics device, you can drastically improve your fleet's efficiency. By tracking and analyzing the data to make sure the fleet is running efficiently and safely, truck tracking can help you: 

  • Make decisions to improve your company's bottom line
  • Support timely service to improve customer satisfaction
  • Protect your company's reputation
  • Enhance data and reporting integrity about driver and vehicle performance
  • Track and manage your fleet's vehicle maintenance and timelines
  • Reduce paperwork, improve mileage reporting and other administrative formalities

Choosing the Best Truck Tracking Systems for Your Fleet 

There is no silver-bullet solution for every fleet. To make the right decisions, you need to explore various technology solutions for your specific operation and capabilities to optimize data-driven results for your company’s fleet. Luckily, our process for optimizing fleets is refreshingly straightforward. Enterprise Fleet Management will create and manage a customized, complete fleet management program enabling your team to focus on other tasks.

We’ll evaluate fleet performance and identify opportunities for continuous improvement and efficiency. Our discipline will ensure you get the most out of your investment in your vehicles – and your partnership with us. And the online Telematics portal, available through Geotab, gives you have a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet, including access to vehicle insights 24/7 to make more informed decisions about fuel management, route optimizations, proactive fleet maintenance and emergency location services for vehicles in need of immediate assistance.