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Fleet Cost Savings

The goal is simple: To save you money by reducing fleet costs.

In 2016, Enterprise Fleet Management Delivered for Our Clients:

  • $36.2 million in maintenance and repairs savings.
  • $55 million in manufacturer incentives passed directly to customers.
  • 100,000 new license and registration requests plus 205,000 renewals processed.
  • Over $3.1 million negotiated in repairs savings.
  • Over 60,000 customer vehicles sold at an average of 108.2% above Black Book’s Commercial Vehicle Index.

Whether you run a fleet of 20 or 200 vehicles, our comprehensive approach can help tame operating challenges and trim fleet expenses at every step along the way:

  • Fleet analysis
  • Vehicle acquisition and resale
  • Fuel cost management
  • Maintenance programs
  • Vehicle lifecycle optimization

We have partnered successfully with thousands of client companies in a wide range of industries: construction, engineering, government, healthcare, nonprofit, plumbing, pest control, and security, among others. With over 350,000 fleet vehicles managed in the U.S. and Canada, Enterprise offers unmatched expertise.


Calculating fleet expenses—in a way that tracks both direct and indirect costs—can be difficult. The larger the fleet, the more complex the challenge of determining your true total cost of ownership. Our tools can help you make informed decisions.

Total Cost of Owning One Vehicle

Enterprise Fleet Management has saved Palmer Electric in many ways.
First, we are able to select from many different models from several manufacturers and we get the best price on any vehicle including any manufacturer fleet incentives.
Second, we save by using the Enterprise maintenance program which minimizes downtime and provides a wide selection of vendors…all at a low monthly fee.
Third, Enterprise is there at the end of the term to sell our fleet vehicles at the highest possible return.


Keeping track of all the transactions that make up your total cost of ownership and setting up the procedures to monitor them is not easy. Enterprise offers the systems and the expertise to represent your company’s checkbook to not only save you money, but allow your team to focus on what is most important – your customers.


One of the most important steps to optimizing your fleet’s potential is choosing the right vehicles. We’ve got the vehicle selection tools and industry experience to help you make the right choice.


Tracking and analysis of your fleet’s operations day-to-day and throughout its entire lifecycle gives you confidence that you are making the right decisions to operate at the lowest possible cost.


Enterprise has been helping the needs of local and state municipalities as well as the nonprofit community for over 55 years. We understand the needs of your organization and are committed to assisting you in the management and reduction of core expenses, freeing up cash to invest in the people you serve.


Many businesses choose to offer their employees an allowance or mileage reimbursement to avoid having to manage company vehicles. Enterprise not only helps you evaluate your options to see the most cost effective approach, but offers you a fleet manager who handles all the details of managing your vehicles, eliminating the need for you to add staff.