Dash Cams for Trucks

Dash cameras in trucks used for commercial purposes are becoming more standard practice. Dash cams not only provides a layer of safety for the driver but also can help fleet manager monitor driving behaviors and provide coaching.

How Can a Truck Dash Cam Help Your Fleet?

There are several benefits of having a dash cam within your fleet. Dash cams help with training drivers and provide more driving data and documentation which in turn can potentially reduce costs associated with fuel and insurance, improve safety, and enhance productivity.

Truck Dash Cam Features to Consider

Not all dash cameras are the same. Here is a list of common features:

  • Internet Connection – Unless a hardwired connection is required, dash cams work off a wireless connection to upload footage to an organization’s cloud.
  • Storage – Most dash cameras can store footage with a microSD, memory card, or directly to the organization’s cloud.
  • Video Quality – Quality footage matters. and it is recommended that the video resolution is at least HD 1080p to best capture footage.
  • Adhesive or Suction Mounting – Dash cameras are usually mounted to the driver’s windshield and can either be applied with an adhesive or suction. Adhesive is preferable over suction as it stays affixed longer.

Types of Dash Cams

Front or Outward Facing Camera: improves visibility ahead of the driver

Dual-Facing Camera: looks at the road ahead and the cab where the driver sits

360 ° 4 Way Exterior Camera: provides a comprehensive view – front, rear, side, and driver facing

Interior Cargo Camera: is inside of the vehicle with view of cargo or passengers

Overall, having dash cameras within your fleet can offer numerous benefits, as mentioned above. Fleet managers should always research and see what dash cameras are best for their organization.

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