Warsaw Fleet Partnership brings Savings, New Vehicles

Date: Sept 23, 2021

Author: Ena Sellers

Location: Warsaw, NC

"WARSAW — Town officials announced last week that for the second year, the Town of Warsaw will be partnering with a fleet management company to update and manage the town’s vehicles.

“We are partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to provide new and better vehicles for our employees,” said Warsaw Town Manager Scotty Summerlin.

This partnership allows the Town of Warsaw to save on maintenance and repair costs as the vehicles are fuel-efficient, provide more safety features and are less expensive to operate.

For Summerlin, the best part “is that we will be accomplishing this while reducing our overall costs to provide and maintain our fleet. We are excited.“

Officials asserted that “by driving newer vehicles and rotating out vehicles with relatively low miles, the town is taking advantage of equity gains when the vehicles are sold. Also, compounding the attractiveness of the partnership is the program’s financial benefits.”

To date, the Warsaw Police Department has eight vehicles through the equity-lease program.

The police department’s new fleet was shown to the public during the first National Night Out celebration on Saturday, Sept. 11, where participants were invited to get inside and test the lights and sirens. The vehicles are Dodge Durangos, which will allow WPD sergeants to carry any additional equipment that they may need.

“We are very happy with the performance of the Enterprise Fleet Management Program,” said Warsaw Police Chief Patrick Giddeons.

“After careful scrutiny, we determined that the lease program allows us to save money by bringing vehicle equity forward easily so that our fleet stays up to date with safer, more economical cars. This cuts down on maintenance costs, as well. I highly recommend other towns and counties look into this as a cost-saving measure. It’s almost a no-brainer” 

The new vehicles feature an American flag graphic in the police graphic. According to Giddeons, the new graphic is part of a new look.“It’s our way of paying tribute to our Veterans and being thankful for the many freedoms we have in America,” said Giddeons.

The town administration currently has one vehicle and they plan to add more vehicles later on for other departments.

According to town officials, for years the town found itself in an endless cycle of holding on to old vehicles which took a toll with maintenance costs, in some cases, exceeding the cost of the vehicles. “Through the equity-lease program, the Town gains the benefit of a lease program, but with the benefit of retaining equity when the vehicle is sold, typically in five years.

”The town’s goal is to have the safest, most fuel-efficient fleet while ensuring it is cost-effective. According to town officials, this partnership enables them to do so.

An added bonus to using the program is is “that police officers and other employees enjoy the benefit of driving newer vehicles,” read the release. “It is a win-win for Town employees and taxpayers.”

“We are impressed with the cost savings already achieved and remain excited to see cost savings long into the future,” said Summerlin.”

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