Town Hall Debuts New Electric Town Cars

Date: May 2021

Author: The Westport Local Press

Location: Westport, Connecticut

"Press Release, Westport First Selectman’s Office

The Town of Westport is pleased to announce another major advancement in the rollout of its municipal vehicle fleet. This month, two new Chevy Bolts were leased for staff fieldwork. The two Bolts will be used for municipal inspections by the Public Works Engineering Division and the Assessor’s Office. A cost benefit analysis has proven that these vehicles are environmentally friendly and are cost effective for town government operations.

When the Town committed to replacing two of its vehicles, the first established criteria was that the replacements be electric with good purchase and maintenance cost projections. The specific choice of two Chevy Bolts was based on their overall low price, good reputation, and compact size. The cars also have a low maintenance cost and a longer expected service life than competitors. Both vehicles are at the standard option level.

According to First Selectman Jim Marpe, “We are very proud of Westport’s advancement in electric vehicle usage and municipal charging stations.  Investements such as the Police Department’s purchase of a Model 3 Tesla are proving to be beneficial, and we expect the same for the municipal fleet. These Bolts are a great addition to our fleet and are helping to move Westport closer toward meeting sustainability goals.” 

The vehicles have been leased though the Enterprise Fleet Management program. The Town of Westport entered this program in 2020 after closely examining the financials associated with owning versus leasing vehicles with the Enterprise program. According to Director of Finance, Gary Conrad, “The cost benefit on the lease agreement is mostly due to the efficiencies gained from Enterprise’s Equity Leasing Program, which replaces vehicles every four years based on mileage and residual value. The Town is also looking closely at converting the remaining inspection fleet to electric vehicles as part of its net-zero by 2050 goal.”

Dawn Henry of Sustainable Westport added, “It’s exciting to see our municipality continuing to build on the community’s strong momentum in the transition to electric vehicles. Westport is currently #1 in the state in registered EVs per capita!  With more new models at various price points entering the market, and continuing advances in battery technology allowing for longer driving distance, we expect even more residents will be making the switch. The Chevy Bolts are another great example of how EVs can be a practical everyday transportation choice.” 

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