Enterprise and American Express Stand for Small Businesses

American Express Launches ‘Stand for Small’ Coalition to Support U.S. Small Businesses

"NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American Express (NYSE: AXP) today announced it has established ‘Stand for Small,’ a coalition of more than 40 companies across media, technology, consumer goods, professional services, and many other industries, that have come together to provide meaningful support to small businesses as they navigate the impacts of Covid-19.

The Stand for Small coalition will provide millions of U.S. small businesses access to support through valuable services, offers, tools and expertise, among other benefits. These resources are available to support small businesses as they work to reduce their operating expenses, manage their teams remotely, enhance their digital capabilities, and address other needs during this pandemic.

Many companies in the coalition have been supporting small businesses throughout this crisis, and this initiative brings together all these valuable benefits into an easy-to-use centralized digital platform that enables access to relevant products, information, tools and services."


Source: businesswire.com

April 21, 2020 PM 

Melanie L. Backs