City Cuts Deal with Enterprise Fleet Management to Manage Fleet

Date: June 17, 2020

Author: Scott Swanson

Location: Sweet Home, Oregon

"Sweet Home City Council members decided Tuesday, June 9, to contract with Enterprise to manage its vehicle fleet.

City Manager Ray Towry introduced the subject by telling councilors that fleet management has been an “issue” for Sweet Home. When Public Works Director Greg Springman joined the city exactly three years ago, “the newest vehicle when he arrived was 10 years old,” Towry said, adding that some were double that.

“The problem is we spend as much time maintaining them as when they’re on the road. It’s not a great way to do business. Enter Enterprise Fleet Management.”

According to a staff report presented at the meeting, Public Works has the largest fleet of vehicles to handle various aspects of its responsibilities, while the Police Department has approximately 10 “with considerably different needs and capabilities than Public Works.”"


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