Mt. Olive's Police and Public Works Departments to lease New Vehicles

Date: Feb 17, 2021

Author: William Holloman

Location: Mt. Olive, MS

The town’s police department and public works division are receiving new vehicles in July.

Three Dodge Chargers have been designated for police patrol, while the other five vehicles — four pickup trucks and an SUV — are for public works employees.

The town continues to replace old vehicles through a five-year agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management. The Charlotte-based company plans to replace the town’s vehicular fleet within a five-year period and handle maintenance costs.

Jammie Royall, town manager, said officials are happy with the arrangement, estimated to produce a savings of approximately $300,000.

Currently, the town has incurred zero maintenance costs.Royall said a new garbage truck will arrive in July, when the town begins to provide its own garbage service.

The town manager’s truck, a 2019 Silverado with just 7,000 miles, is due for replacement in 2022. The town paid $28,000 for the vehicle, but plans to resell it for an estimated $40,000. Any profit is expected to be returned to the town.

Mount Olive is the first town in the area to work with Enterprise Fleet Management.

Town Commissioner Barbara Kornegay pitched the idea to her fellow commissioners three years ago.

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