City Officials Outline Present & Future Projects for Lyons / Vidalia

Date: March 8, 2023

Publication: The Advance

Location: Vidalia, GA

“Lyons Police Chief Wesley Walker updated the public on the current public safety situation within the city.

According to Walker, several new patrol cars have been added to the department’s fleet. “When I first came here 11 years ago, I think Lyons Police Department only had 4 cars,” he told the crowd. “I went to the mayor and said that we had to do something about vehicles because everyone was using those 4 cars and they were running 24/7. So we have come a long way in those 7 years.”

This fleet upgrade became possible after Walker learned about a program through Enterprise Fleet, which is owned by the same company as the Enterprise Rental company. “It is a huge savings on our budget because the city doesn’t have to fork out that money to buy the car upfront, outfit it, and everything,” he remarked. “With Enterprise Fleet, they do that for us.

He continued, “Also, we want to make sure that these officers who are out here protecting our communities and homes are safe as well. As these cars get a lot of miles on them, we start spending a lot of money on maintenance. A lot of issues can arise and we don’t want to put that officer out there in that situation. It is very important we keep our fleet up to date and operational.”

These vehicles include 3 patrol trucks and 2 Ford Explorers, which Walker says are versatile vehicles and were gained at a good price.”