Connecting Mobile Fuel Payments to Shell, Electric Vehicle Fleets to ChargePoint and Dashboards to Dashboards

Author: Bernie Kavanagh 

Date: July 22, 2019

[WEX rolled out payments for EV charges to its 11 million U.S. fleet cardholders, doubled its mobile payments network to 25,000 accepting sites and pondered what will happen “When the Car Becomes the Card” at an automotive tech conference in Southern California.]

 Finally, we were overjoyed at the response to our panel discussion in Marina del Rey in June.

 “When the Car Becomes the Card” laid out several visions of a connected car future for fleets: a future our panelists reminded us will be very much driven by consumer-type expectations, despite our living in a B2B world.

 John Moon of Honda Innovations joined us to show of the latest iteration of Honda DreamDrive, their fantastic in-vehicle experience, while Quaseer Mujawar of Amazon Alexa Auto told our audience of approximately 100 OEM representatives and tech vendors “we’ve been through the smartphone era and we believe that now this is really the era of voice.”

 Jeff Schuchardt, Vice President of Information Technology for Enterprise Fleet Management, a leading fleet management provider, joined the discussion as a panelist and provided insight on how vehicle data can simplify transactions such as tolls, parking and fueling.

 Schuchardt went on to explain how the same data can be leveraged to capture information on the vehicle and driver performance, an important component of overall fleet management.  

“Technology provides a nice single ‘pane of glass’ where customers can have immediate access to information about their vehicles,” Schuchardt said, “allowing them to manage their fleets more effectively and efficiently.”

 As the connected car really gets going, it is connections made at forums like this one that will drive product development and market adoption in this incredibly exciting space.

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